• All Aspects of Infertility, Using Both Traditional and Alternative Methods
• Gender Selection - Qualifying Couples Can Choose the Sex of Their Baby via IVF with PGS
• Husband/Partner, Single Woman, Lesbian Couple, Autologous and Donor Sperm Inseminations
• Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbology
• Superovulation/Ovulation Induction
• In-Vitro Fertilization (Including MESA, TESA, ICSI, Assisted Hatching, and blastocyst transfer)
• Nutritional Counseling
• Individual and Couples Counseling - Numerous Support Groups


If You Want to Have a Baby...

Whether you're having trouble getting pregnant (due to infertility) or trouble staying pregnant (due to miscarriage), we'll work hard and fast at helping you to achieve your most precious goal, towards which most of the time we are successful. You are returned to your Ob/Gyn doctor once an established pregnancy is recognized, generally about seven weeks from your last menstrual period. You are not rushed out of our office, and you're given as much time as you need to understand your condition and proposed therapy. Over the past several years, Dr. Scott Roseff's care has resulted in the birth of THOUSANDS OF BABIES!

Ultimately, there are three goals we strive to meet:
• Helping people get pregnant
• Helping people stay pregnant
• Diagnosing and treating female hormone imbalances

Dr. Scott Roseff's Office

9960 Central Park Blvd
Suite 275
Boca Raton, FL 33428

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Phone: 561-549-9010

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Mission Statement:

"Our mission at Dr. Roseff's office is to provide our patients with highly individualized and personalized care in a warm and nurturing environment, utilizing technologies and holistic treatment modalities that go above and beyond the standard of care." Our treatment philosophy is simple: "Do it once, do it right, and make it work."