Have You Miscarried Two or More Pregnancies?

Unfortunately, many women's concerns, questions, and problems regarding miscarriage remain unanswered, untreated, or improperly treated because their doctor may not have taken enough time or may not have had the expertise to diagnose and treat potential causes of habitual abortion such as:

  • Developmental or acquired abnormalities of the uterine cavity (including, but not limited to, a septum, unicornuate configuration, polyp, fibroid, or scar tissue);
  • Infectious agents (including, but not limited to Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Bacterial Vaginosis, or Chlamydia);
  • Hormonal imbalances (including, but not limited to, thyroid dysfunction, luteal phase defect, hyperprolactinemia, polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS], or high FSH);
  • Autoimmune disorders (including, but not limited to, anticardiolipin antibodies, lupus anticoagulant, thyroid antibodies, or other antibodies);
  • Alloimmune disorders;
  • Thrombophilic defects (including, but not limited to, Factor V Leiden Mutation);
  • Chromosomal abnormalities (including, but not limited to, balanced translocations)
  • Idiopathic, or Unknown

Recurrent pregnancy loss is now generally defined as the inability to maintain two or more pregnancies. DON'T wait until you've lost a third pregnancy to begin a full evaluation and initiate therapy! We see too many women at our Center whose doctors told them to wait until they've lost three or more conceptions before they go for a work-up or begin treatment. We also become upset when doctors simply give their patients progesterone with their subsequent pregnancy, hoping that the progesterone will "do the trick"....

Dr. Scott Roseff is subspecialty trained in the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss. Under the direction of a Board-Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist, your consultation will take place in a pleasant, private practice setting. We tell you what treatments work and which ones are pure "quackery". You will not feel rushed out of our office, and all of your concerns will be discussed to your total satisfaction. You will receive state-of-the-art therapies unsurpassed in the South Florida region. Finally, you'll find that we truly do care.

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